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Womanless Beauty Revue entertains for a ninth year

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Published: Friday, October 5, 2012

Updated: Friday, October 5, 2012 11:10


Ashley Cunningham

David Belote and Dr. Karoline Pershell were the hosts this year. It marked the ninth year Belote hosted the Womenless Beauty Revue. This was Dr. Pershell's first year.

2011 winner

Ashley Cunningham

2011 Miss Understood winner Chase Cartmell gives the opening speech before the contestants take the stage.


Ashley Cunningham

From right to left: Second Place Anna Conda, aka Houston Taylor of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; First Place and Miss Congeniality Dirty Snickers, aka Rob Underwood of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; and Third Place Star Fawcett, aka Thomas Fawcett of Alpha Gamma Rho.

The 9th Annual Miss Understood opened with the normal big hair and hairy legs and ended with a victory from Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s contestant Rob Underwood, aka Dirty Snickers. Dirty Snickers also received the Miss Congeniality as well as the talent award.  He was one of three contestants that were entered by Sigma Alpha Epsilon. They were also able to snatch second with Huston Taylor, aka Anna Conda , while third was taking by Alpha Gamma Rho’s Thomas Fawcett, aka Star Fawcett.

Things never seen before in the nine years the review has been conducted were seen at the event this year.

“The contestants are getting so good, it’s scary because some are hard to tell,” said Dr. Jeff Hoyer.

David Belote and Karoline Pershell were the hosts this year, this being the ninth consecutive year for Mr. Belote to host. This was Dr. Pershell’s first year to be involved.

“I felt that I should restrain myself from making too many comments because I thought the contestants spoke for themselves,” said Pershell.

As the evening went on the talent portion started and we again saw some things that had never been seen before.  To kick off the talent show was Sandy Sweet Cheeks, aka Matt masengill and sponsored by UTM Housing, with a short unicycle ride.

Afterwards it was Gale Record, aka Dale Records sponsored by AGR, showing us how to duck call. Tessia Curriz, aka Ben Wright sponsored by IEEE, gave us another first, according to Dr. Hoyer, with his screaming talent.

CC LaRye, aka Jordan Sims and sponsor not named, and Ivania Toucherhines, aka Alex Hansen and sponsored by Women In Communication, both entertained with their versions of dance. While Dirty Snickers and Lola Star, aka John Yokley whom won people’s choice, both did a ribbon dance. Anna Conda was the last to go on with his guitar solo.

PRSSA raised $160. The proceeds were split between PRSSA and St. John’s, what used to be known as Community Developmental Services in Martin. It wasn’t quite as big as last year’s event but it was still a great show. The guys did a good job and changed it up a bit from last year. They really showed their feminine side.

By the end many were ready to take off their high heels and get the glitter off and welcome to the wonderful world of women, guys.

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