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SGA reaches an all-time high in resignations

Pacer Staff

Published: Friday, October 12, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 20:10


Aimee Bilger

SGA new appointments included: (back row, left to right) Jason Williamson Senator at Large; Alton Alexander, Health, Education, and Behavioral Science; Madilyn Peay, Humanities and Fine Arts; (front row, left to right) Jamee Floyd, Associate Justice; Jacob Everett, Associate Justice; Cassandra Rogers, Business and Global Affairs

SGA's meeting came to a halt last night when Alex Wilson, SGA president, realized that they didn’t meet the quorum, which is the required number of senators that must be present to hold a meeting and make any decisions.

The agenda showed that there were six senator resignations on hand causing the quorum not to be met. The Senate needs 50 percent plus one to make any decisions. The senators, who have resigned, do not realize that they are still needed among the quorum to pass the acceptance of their resignations. These resigned senators opt to send a resignation letter that is read to the senate.

“We’ve had resignations before, but not this many in one meeting. It’s disappointing to see people go, but it does show you that within SGA we have very high standards, and there are some who cannot dedicate themselves to those standards. SGA is fortunate, because even though we lose people, we gain new people as well,” said Teresa Fowler, SGA vice president.

One of the resigning senates, Mark Fallin, was present at the meeting and had his resignation letter read to everyone.  

The letter said, “To the amazing people of the 61st General Assembly, the time has come for me to resign due to a lack in financial ability to remain at UTM any longer. I am sorry for the abruptness of this resignation and to abandon you all in the middle of the semester, but I'm sure our extremely qualified EC will appoint somebody to fill my position that will be even more capable then myself. Always listen to Alex, and respect Teresa. Even Jake does his job better then most would. And he's a Pike. I wish the best of luck to each of you in your further endeavors. Have fun this year, but always consider W.W.J.D. (What Would Jake Do) and then proceed to do the opposite with the upmost sincerity."

As Fallin mentioned, SGA has been working to recruit new members to replace those who have resigned.

“As people have been resigning, I have been recruiting; I want to reach out to the groups that aren’t already represented in SGA,” Wilson said.

A quorum is not needed to read the president’s reports; therefore, Wilson read his report about his meeting with Sodexo. On Oct. 12Sodexo received their new furniture for the lounge area. They plan on having it set up after fall break.

Wilson suggested to Sodexo that they also have an opt-in daily menu provided for each student with a meal plan. Sodexo doesn’t have the authority to email the student population, but Wilson suggested that when a student walks into the Sodexo cafeteria, the student has the option to opt into the daily menu plan giving Sodexo the authority to email them the daily menu. 

Sodexo is also looking into a new coffee shop venue, but nothing is final. They have ordered new machinery in hopes of a new venue being approved.

Wilson is also looking to form a better relationship between SGA and the athletics department. He plans on seeking out members from the athletics department to meet with him every two weeks. In these meetings, he will give them information and updates concerning SGA, and they, in return, will give Wilson information and updates about the athletics department to report back to the senate.

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