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UTM logo gets facelift

Published: Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Updated: Monday, April 25, 2011 21:04

Throughout the history of the University of Tennessee System, the UT logo has always been spotted by its orange and blue colors, but a change has come.This year the logo is undergoing some new and improved changes. Instead of the usual UT orange and royal blue, the new logo is completely orange and has a new theme: FUTURE.

All schools in the UT System have adopted this new logo this semester.

According to the official Future Tennessee Web page, the goal of the logo change is to build a clear and compelling brand identity for the University of Tennessee and to create a greater understanding of the role UT plays in helping the state and its citizens thrive in the local, regional and global environment.

"One main reason why we are doing this is to have all the schools in the University of Tennessee system all on one page," said Director of University Relations Bud Grimes.

Although the logo will be changed, our athletic logo will remain the same.

As far as the sports logo is concerned, the Tennessee orange color is just a shade lighter and instead of dark royal blue, the new the logo will contain navy blue.

"The decision to convert to navy blue was made due to apparel reasons," explained Grimes.

Here at UTM, the staff will slowly use out any old material and apparel with the retired UT logo before converting to the new design.
All academic departments will display the new logo as per their programs such as the FUTURE of teaching for education majors.

The Web page will switch the original format with an improved image in January.

Billboards will slowly change all over Tennessee as well. The new Tennessee logo is using the word "Future" and having the letters UT in Tennessee orange.

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