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Derek Carr: Throwing Numbers On The Field Now, Writing Numbers On The Chalkboard Later

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 14:10


Tonya Evans

Carr waits for the snap from Junior offensive lineman Tyler Eady while eyeing the defense.

Derek Carr does not fit into the typical “dumb jock” stereotype. He knows who he is and where he is going, on and off the field.

Carr grew up in McKenzie, the son of Kenny and Jackie Carr, and he has a younger sister, Kelsey.  

At McKenzie High School, he led the Rebels to the Blue Cross Bowl in 2007 and passed for 2,309 yards and 21 touchdowns as a senior. He also spent some time rushing the ball for 409 yards, with 11 touchdowns on 66 carries as a senior as well.

Carr also lettered in basketball and baseball while at McKenzie, but decided to continue on with football on into college.

Carr’s favorite subject in school was math. (The writer finds irony in this, as she is terrible in math. Hey, Derek, tutor me maybe?)  He was always intrigued with the subject and one of his teachers helped him to develop his interest in math.

“Ms. Paula Doster helped to challenge me,” Carr says.

As a result, he has continued to challenge himself with math classes and has made it his minor. He has already taken his PRAXIS exam and is qualified to teach math in high schools.

Off the field, Carr is just like any other college student, trying to balance his classes, study, get practices in and see his friends.

A typical day for Carr starts at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast, classes, homework, maybe a quick nap, then practice.  After practice, it’s dinner, homework and then maybe a game of cards.

On game days, it’s a different story. Breakfast is at 8:30 a.m. and then a walkthrough of the field and pregame activities to get focused on the game. For a pregame ritual, he said he prefers to “listen to chill music” and then throw the ball around two hours before the game. If he doesn’t get this time in, he feels “off sync.” No lucky socks or lucky shirt are needed, just the time throwing the ball around.

On the field, Carr has thrown some long passes this season. In the season opener, he threw 36 yards to Dylan Davis at Memphis. At Northern Illinois, he threw 52 yards to Corey Jordan. To date, the longest pass of the season has been 62 yards to Jeremy Butler when playing Eastern Kentucky game.  
Carr also broke the UTM all-time passing record during the Eastern Kentucky game, where he passed for 223 yards, for a career 6,300 passing yards.  He has since surpassed this figure.  

Carr says he “has no social life” and tries to “get rest to stay focused.”
Knowing that football players have a propensity for practical jokes and pranks, Carr said he has not participated in any pranks with the team. He relayed a story about one. He said that one of his fellow team member’s helmets was absconded with and the front was taped up then left in the bathroom. This happened right before a meeting and needless to say, this team member was not too happy.  Carr claimed no responsibility, but had a good laugh about it.

About his future, Carr said he would like to “teach math, coach, settle down, and have a family.”

Carr is to be remembered as a UTM student “who worked hard, someone people felt they could come talk to, and someone who wins.”
There is no doubt that Carr will be a winner on the field, by continuing to throw impressive numbers.  Off the field, he will be able to instill a solid work ethic to future players he coaches after writing numbers on the chalkboard. 

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