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Player Profile: Taylor Deming

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 14:10


Photo Credit/ Trevor Ruszkowski

Taylor Deming

Taylor Deming, who is a humble and consistent golfer, would probably say that he’s pretty good, but there are some things he could work on to be better.

The second-year senior majoring in Political Science with a History minor spoke with modesty and confidence. He traced his passion for golf back to his hometown in Franklin, twenty miles south of Nashville.

Deming’s father, who he says is a great golfer, began teaching him the game at the age of 5 years old; this is when he received his first golf club. Deming’s father would take him to Richland Country Club to practice.

“It’s a nice course, but I only get to play there until I’m 25. That’s when they consider me old enough to pay my own bill,” Deming said with a chuckle.

Golf is a special bond between Deming and his father. Even though they don’t get a chance to play golf together as much as they did in the past, it comes with great understanding.

Deming has four younger brothers. One of Deming’s brothers, Peyton Deming, a freshman here at UTM, is also on the golf team. Deming finds it noble and is honored that his dad still attends all of their tournaments.

“My dad always comes to watch me play,” said Deming.

Deming hit his first hole-in-one when he was in the seventh grade at Christ Presbyterian Academy.

“I didn’t even see it go in. I didn’t hit it that great, and I turned around because I thought it was going to be short. My friend saw it go in, and everyone around me was excited,” Deming said.

Of the clubs he uses, Deming’s 8 iron is his favorite.

“If your short game isn’t good, and you can’t make puts, then you’re not better than anyone else. My 8 iron is important to my short game,” Deming said.

Deming’s golf coach, Jerry Carpenter, has played a significant part in his life since he has been here at UTM.

“He teaches us to be responsible. He’s a great person, and he makes sure we take care of our business,” Deming said.

According to Deming, golf is a sport you can’t always control. However, he still finds himself loving the sport and giving it his all.

“Golf is an up and down game that you can’t control. Sometimes you’re going to have bad days, but you must make your bad days as good as possible. You’ve got to learn to get the ball in the hole. Golf can be frustrating, but there’s always that one shot that will keep you coming back. I still love to play,” Deming said.  

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