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Editorial: Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween

Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 17:10

As Halloween looms near, let’s keep in mind some basic rules for good Halloween night behavior.

When it comes to costumes, dress modestly. Anything you would not normally show, keep it packed away on Halloween night, too. Keep in mind that children will be running around looking for candy, not dates, and that the rest of us will make a special request if there is something we want to see. Keep in mind that the end of October is usually chilly, so some extra covering may be welcome.

Covering your best friend’s house in toilet paper may be acceptable, depending on how laid back your friend is. Torturing the mental well-being of the elderly couple down the street, however, is never funny. Please restrict all pranks to people who you know and people who will appreciate the joke.

For us college-aged students, trick-or-treating is no longer acceptable. Feel free to show your enthusiasm for Halloween at a local party or event (that you’re invited to), but don’t disrupt the fun the kids are having. Let the kids have their space.

When picking your Halloween costume, stay well away from any and all politicians. Halloween should come as a break from the political chaos of an election year. Wearing a mask of a politician’s face is not clever or shocking, just annoying (to members of all political parties).

If planning to attend a party or similar event, make sure that you will be in a safe environment with people you trust. Always keep your food and drink covered with your hand and in your sight. If you lose track of either of these, no matter how short the time period, discard it and obtain a new one. Have fun, but keep your own safety in mind.

As always, the best guideline for good behavior is the Golden Rule. Respect those around you, and everyone will have a good time.


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