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Editorial: Valentine’s Day

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 18:02


As Valentine’s Day is rearing its ugly head yet again, let’s take some time to point out some common courtesies.

Whether you are in a relationship or not, do your best to not be obnoxious. Those who celebrate don’t want to be told it’s a contrived holiday filled with commercialism and those who don’t celebrate don’t need to see you making out in hallways.

We know Valentine’s Day is regarded as a romantic one, and that’s fine, but please keep your romantic inclinations to yourself. Don’t forget that you are still in public. Your private business is just that: private.

As far as behavior for the classroom is concerned, large gifts such as oversized plush toys or balloons may be nice, but they distract fellow classmates and obstruct the view. If you’re giving such a gift, please wait until the other person’s classes are done for the day. If you are on the receiving end, try your best to either stash your gift somewhere safe or at the very least be the least obnoxious you can be.

Valentine’s Day is not the time for doling out relationship advice, whether you are in a happy one yourself or not. What has worked for you will not necessarily work for anyone else and what did not work isn’t necessarily wrong. Basically, stay out of other people’s relationships. Let them work out their issues on their own.

Don’t ask about your single friend’s romantic leads. It’s not polite and it implies that your friend is doing something wrong if he or she doesn’t have any. Let them bring up the subject of their romantic life, or the lack thereof, in their own time. Just be there to listen; no advice (unless asked for), no clichés and no platitudes, only an open ear and an open heart.

The same thing goes for any person with single status. Your friends in relationships talk about their relationship because it is an important part of their lives, not to annoy you. If annoyance is your first response, then perhaps a change in attitude might be wise. Again, simply listening to your friend’s worries and cares is generally the best way to show you care for their welfare.

Don’t feel pressured to have romantic plans on Valentine’s Day. Romance should be on your own terms; it shouldn’t be forced just for the sake of appearances. Dating is serious business, please treat it as such. Both people involved should know exactly where the other stands.

You are in charge of your life. You are the best person to determine what will make you happiest. Don’t let others influence you into doing something to the contrary.

Remember that you are not defined by your relationship status. Single, dating, engaged or married, your worth is based on your own merits.

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