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Martin’s fast food provides faulty service

Staff Writer

Published: Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 23, 2012 17:10

We’re all familiar with how few restaurants there are here in Martin, and that most of them are fast food restaurants.

Granted, I am all for a quick hamburger or chicken nuggets most of the time, but there are just some things I can’t stand at even fast food places.

A few weeks ago I ate at Dairy Queen and until then, I had never had a bad experience while eating there. However, this last visit was probably the last visit I’ll ever make to Dairy Queen.

There were two of us on this particular trip to Dairy Queen, and both of us were shocked at the way the employees treated us. It took them forever to even come up front to take our order, and when they finally did, they were extremely rude.

I get that you are probably a college student trying to work your way through college, but there is no reason to be quite so rude to customers.

After failing to inform us that one of the meals we ordered didn’t come with a drink, when we were still standing at the counter after we ordered, he rudely asked what else he could do for us.

We asked if it came with a drink, and he said no and then proceeded to roll his eyes and ask if we wanted to buy another one. Well yeah, we did want to buy another one, actually.

All rudeness aside, we at least expected our food to be edible. That wasn’t the case when he brought our food out and practically threw it at us.

The chicken was so greasy that it was basically dripping, and I could just barely press on my “hamburger patty” and it would run grease all over my hands.

Needless to say, we left, still hungry and very irritated, and promised to never go back to Dairy Queen again in Martin.

As if a bad experience at Dairy Queen wasn’t enough, has anyone else realized that Wendy’s stopped giving student discounts? Folks, we’re a college town, of course we are going to want and ask for a student discount, especially from somewhere that has given one for as long as I can remember.

There is no reason to get mad and get an attitude when we ask, all you need to do is simply say that you can no longer give us a discount.

Granted, we’re still probably going to be upset and fuss about it, but it wouldn’t be so bad if you at least told us nicely.

Now, I’ve been really critical of fast food in this town, but there is one place that I really feel I need to applaud for a job well done. After I left Dairy Queen the night that everything was so awful, I ended up at McDonald’s and had an excellent experience.

The staff was extremely kind and friendly, and the food was hot, not greasy, and the restaurant was exceptionally clean. Well done, McDonald’s, you’ll definitely be getting more of my business.

I hate that I seem to be so critical of the fast food places in this town, because they are supposed to be fast and usually inexpensive.

However, just because they are supposed to be “fast” and “inexpensive,” does not mean that they should try to serve food that is inedible or have employees that are extremely rude.

I hope to have more positive experiences like I had at McDonald’s from more restaurants in this town and less negative experiences.


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