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Pacer farewells

Viewpoints Editor

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 13:02

As you may have noticed, to the left of this column is a senior farewell written by one of our seniors on The Pacer staff. You’ll be seeing more of these as the semester goes by.

It occurred to me sometime in November or December that senior farewells would give The Pacer staff the space and freedom to say their final thoughts as they near graduation.

That’s basically what we’ll be doing on this page. All senior farewells will be labeled as a senior farewell, so you know what they are.

Now I realize that some of the other seniors who are not on staff may want to say their goodbyes. Well, send them to me and at the very least, perhaps we can put them online, given we have the space and time, and I give my approval to run it.

Other than Kalsey, there will be a farewell from some of our other seniors as well. And no need to worry, I’ll be writing one, too, which I’m sure you all will be eagerly anticipating.   
Even if you’ve never read anything else on this page in your life, please read these. It doesn’t happen  very often in life that you have an opportunity to announce your thoughts or ideas to the

world at large. (Or, at least, where a large section of people are likely to read it.)
I’m hoping that these guys will say something important, that they’ll say what’s in their hearts and souls.

I want readers to get a glimpse of their personality, a small taste of their brilliance. They really are brilliant, beautiful people, and I want other UTM students to know that, too.

I’m also hoping that they’ll take the opportunity to share good things with the world. Yes, that’s corny, but it’s still true.

All this seems (at least to me) like an important thing to do. It’s important to state what you find important, that way you, as well as everyone else, know what you value.

Hopefully all this will show our readers who and what we are; hopefully readers will see the heartbeat of our publication. If you love us or hate us, at least now you’ll know what makes us tick and maybe why we do all that we do.

Anyway, please read our farewells. We’re trying to tell our readership something about ourselves. We hope something, even a small thing, will resonate with you, make you think or touch your heart. I guess we’re just trying to make a last, positive impression on the student body we’ve been a part of.


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